Next Workshop / Outing
Next Club Night
March 9th
Theme "Selective Colour"
& Open Members may enter two images
Sunday 7th March
Making your own Mats workshop
more info HERE
Saturday 20th March
Balloons over Waikato
more info HERE
Sunday 11th April
Composition Workshop
more info HERE
Saturday 17th April
Hamilton's Gap Outing
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Welcome to Images Photography Group


This is a group where photographers of all levels can come along and experience a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere in which to share their enjoyment of photography and further their skills.
We have a monthly group get together night, where you are invited to share with other group members your photographic experiences, questions, views, ideas – anything really that relates to photography. Our aim is to have an informal discussion environment at all times where anyone can feel free to speak their mind, with supper and coffee available throughout the evening.

We have strong digital and print sections and open minds so photographic work of any kind is always welcome.

We also often have an invited guest of some standing in the photographic community to offer their input and comments on our work, helping us further improve our photography skills and to inspire or develop our creativity.

Yes we do the competition thing and yes we do the group discussion so its the best of both worlds.

We also have frequent workshops and outings so the name of the game at Images is learning and having a good time while doing it.

Find out where we have our club nights by clicking HERE

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Mission Statement:


Images Photography Group where learning and sharing are the main focus in a friendly and happy enviroment. The key is, as it is stated in our catch phrase " learning by sharing". To this end our educational focus revolves around hands on sharing and learning through discussion, workshops, and outings, while encouraging members to follow their own paths to creativity within a supportive enviroment. Boundaries are encouraged to be pushed, whether that be via subject matter, mediums used for capture, the method of display, or post processing. The fostering of talent is key and learning and sharing takes precedent over competition.