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#1 Notice of Annual General Meeting

#2 Nomination Form For Committee

#3 Qualification Rules For Nomination Under The Charities Act

#4 Minutes of 2021 Annual General Meeting

#5 Presidents Report

#6 Treasurers Report

#7 Financial Statement

#8 Agenda

#9 Constitution

The Rules of Images Photography Group Incorporated ... click HERE to read the club Constitution
By Order of Committee
Secretary Images Photography Group
Dated: 7th April 2022


Notice Of Annual General Meeting
9th August 2022

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 15th Annual General Meeting of Images Photography Group will be held at

Norah Brown Room,
St Andrews, Anglican Church,
Wesley Street, ( between Queen St & West St )

Tuesday, 10th May 2022, at 7.30 pm.
Another year has gone by and as all our regular members should know our Annual General Meeting is on our May club night.
Format for the evening is as usual, have the formalities of the AGM then carry on with our normal club night.
Attached is the formal notification of this year's AGM and the Nomination Form for anyone interested in joining the committee.
Also attached is some important information that must be read before any nomination can be made to be an officer for Images Photography Group.
Feel free to contact the secretary if you have any questions.
• to receive the President’s Annual Report
• to receive the Statement of Accounts for 2021/22
• the election of Committee members
• any motions to be considered
If any member has a motion to be considered at the AGM then that member should give written (email is fine) notice of that motion to the Secretary ( )
Before Tuesday 26th April 2022.
You may also provide information in support of your motion.
If any member has any General Business they wish to be considered at the AGM could they please give notice to the Secretary ( )
Before Saturday 23th April 2022.
This will allow time for it to be put on the Agenda (that needs to be circulated 14 days prior to the meeting).
Please note, the Charities Act nomination qualification must be read by anyone making or accepting a nomination for the committee.