General Photography

5 Priceless Street Tips.

Street Photography Masterclass.

Street Photography Setting.

7 Steps to make Powerful 70-200 mm photos.

Edit B&W with Luminosity Masks.

Minimalist Photography.

Guide to Composition in Landscape.

Improving Composition in Landscape Photography.

Composition Rule of Odds.

5 Steps, powerful 16-35 mm photos.

Best Tools for Improving Composition.

No filter long Exposure.

Do this to always get perfect Exposure.

How to make square images.

Complete guide to Manual Mode Landscape Photography.

Adobe Photoshop

Layers for beginners.

Layers Mask for beginners.

Dodge & Burn.

Adobe Camera RAW PS/LR.

Golden Hour Sky replacement.

Applying Vibrant Twilight Colours.

Lighting photos in ACR.

Adobe Lightroom

Dodge & Burn.

Edit Photos in Lightroom.

Create Dramatic B&W.

Edit Photos in Lightroom.

Advance Editing Lightroom.

Lightrooms most powerful tools.

Colour Grade for Sunsets, Lightroom.

Colour Grade Raw Images Lightroom.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Camera RAW Editor.

RAW Adv Developement.

How to Use Masks.

Quick Mask Selections.

Blend Two Images.

Black & White Tutorial.

Sharpen 5 ways Affinity.

Dodge & Burn.

Create Luminosity Mask

Orton Effect Glow.

Affinity Photo the Basics (Lesson 1)

Affinity Photo Export & Layers (Lesson 2)

Affinity Essential Tools (Lesson 3)

Affinity Photo Filters (Lesson 4)

Affinity Photo Layers (Lesson 5)

Affinity Photo Curves Technique for easy Luminosity Masks.