Critique of Members Images:
The bi-monthly schedule applies in that one month a well known photographer will attend to judge and critique members images.
The alternating month is devoted to members peer judging the submitted images - a learning curve that has proven to give members much more knowledge and confidence in understanding not just the images of other members but also being able to objectively assess their own work.

Judging Guidelines (external judges):
The Images Photography Group is a friendly group of enthusiastic photographers with a very wide range of skills, experience, styles and viewpoints. As a group our main objective is first and foremost to enjoy our photography at all levels. In the process we hope ...
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Judging Guidelines (internal members):
Each alternate month club members are encouraged to participate in the judging of image submissions. The aim of this exercise is so members learn to “look” at images so as to interpret …
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Set Subject Guidelines:
The object of having a set subject category on the competition nights is to stretch ourselves and make us think a bit. At the Images Photography Group we tend to take a more unusual and creative approach to our subjects than some clubs. We encourage experimentation and discussion so the judges we will be bringing in have been warned to expect to be challenged (in the nicest possible way of course).

The Subject:
There is always a literal interpretation available on every Set Subject that is put forward. Feel free to explore ... But don’t forget to think outside the square - a body part doesn’t have to be the human body; try an animal body part, or a car body part! And don’t forget to experiment - with lenses, with filters, with composition and with the rules. Remembering along the way that shapes or colours or effects or layers can be added for a twist! All it takes is a little creativity - so get out there, have a bit of fun and we look forward to seeing what you all come up with on club night.

The Judges:
As this is a set subject, the judge will be checking the images does actually meet the subject. For many images that’s not a problem as it will be very obvious but if you start to get a bit more creative in your interpretation you will then need to give the judge a little hint either in the way you compose an image to put it in context or with a title. Remember the Set Subject title is “Set Subject”; it is not “Set Background” so your subject must be the thing that relates to the Set Subject title. Take an honest look at your image and if you know in your heart the subject really doesn’t fit then select another image or put it in the Open Subject.

Photographs may be entered only once in any one calendar year (April to March). 
Points awarded to images submitted by full members go towards the end of year awards. 
There are two competition grades - Intermediate and Advanced with each grade competing separately.

If you are visiting the club or are a casual member who has not yet joined you are still more than welcome to enter images on club nights.
Images will be judged and awarded grades as usual however these points will not go towards the end of year awards.