Next Workshop/Outing

Next Club Night
December 10th
Theme "Speed" & Open
Members may enter two images

End of Year Dinner
Sunday 8th December
More information HERE

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workshop 3


Workshops & Outings:

•Workshops and Outings are open to both Images members and non-members alike - on a first come, first serve basis.
• Outings or field trips are generally free but occasionally there will be a small charge to cover the cost of any props etc that need to be purchased. These are social outings where we have lots of fun and learn heaps from each other and part of that is getting there so talk to us about car pooling arrangements etc.
• Workshop fees will be set at $20 for Images members, $40 for non-Images members, unless otherwise advised to cover our costs such as room hire, handouts and other materials supplied.

Workshop Registrations:

You are welcome to register for any workshop at any time - please contact our Treasurer at

Payment of Fees:

Payment Methods:

If depositing funds direct into the club bank account please remember to include details in the reference section for bank deposits and also email the treasurer to let him/her know to expect it.