The Points System

Points are awarded for all submissions made by full members as follows:

  • Open Submission:

    Honours 12
    High Commended 9
    Merit 7
    Acceptance 4

  • Set Subject Submission:

    Honours 13
    High Commended 10
    Merit 8
    Acceptance 5

    An additional 5 points are also awarded for achieving 1st place in each Grade.

    There are also prizes up for grabs with 1st, 2nd and 3rd being awarded to the top images from each grade. 
    These prizes are donated to the club by our major sponsors

sub 1
sub 2
sub 3

Submission of Images - Print:

Images are presented to the Print Convenor each club night. The minimum image size is 6” x 8”. All prints must be presented on suitable stiff card with matt on top, with the owners name and club number shown on the reverse of the print, along with the title.


Title: Blue Duck

Name: Joe Smith

Club Number: 066

Grade: Int or Adv

Catergory: Set or Open

Date: 0216

Submission of Images - Digital:

Images are to be emailed to the Digital Convenor a minimum of two days
prior to club nights. 
Any late entries are not guaranteed to be included for grading.

Images need to be .jpg's and named using the following format:

each part of file name to be separated using a minus sign (-) (Don’t use dots or commas as separators)

Club number: to be 3 digits i.e. 066 
(for visitor/casual entrants images entered please use xxx as club number)
Grade: to be Int or Adv
Category: to be Set or Open
Date: to be the competition month and year entered in the format mmyy
 eg - February 2016 would be represented as: 0216

Sample file name: BlueDuck-JoeSmith-066-Int-Set-0207.jpg

Images are required to be formatted as follows:
 File type - jpg format
 Size - to fit within 1024 wide x 768 tall (pixels)

For more information on resizing requirements, please Click Here
for more information on how to resize your image, using PhotoShop or similar applications, please Click Here