The Rules of Images Photography Group Incorporated ... 
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Ownership & Use of Images

You as the author of your submitted images will always have full control over their use at all times regardless of their format.
Images Photography Group believe that submitting images to a monthly meeting or competitions does not constitute permission for the club to use or distribute your images in any way whatsoever.

• Digital images submitted for any event will be deleted immediately after the event and prints returned to the author.

• If images are needed for advertising, inter club events or any other use you will be asked for permission to use them for a specified purpose and time frame every single time.
Images Photography Group:

• Will never assume the right to use your images as we see fit simply because you entered them in a club event.

• Will not allow your images to be copied or distributed freely amongst committee members, club members, friends or other.

Respect for photographers and artists starts with respect for the value and ownership of their craft.